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Akashic Record Consultation


What are a person's Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the records of a person's soul throughout all of time - the energetic imprint of this lifetime and past lives. A person's Akashic Record is a field of energy where experiences (thoughts, emotions, actions, intents) are recorded. I think of it as a bookshelf with each book being a lifetime that a person has experienced. You can also think of it as the internet - you have access to everything that is out there, you just have to search for it.

In what ways would a reading benefit me? 

We can identify and release anything that is holding you back or causing repeating unwanted experiences or behaviors. We can also look at the gifts you can bring into this lifetime. Some topics we can look at:

  • why you have relationships with certain people,

  • life patterns you may wish to change,

  • challenges you may face,

  • why you feel "stuck" in work or in life in general, and

  • past lives.

A reading can provide clarity and confirmation about your present experience, whether it be relationships with people or with yourself, your work life or career goals, hobbies, gifts...we can look at any aspect of your life. We can also delve in to your past lives for an understanding of your relationships and your current situations.

Why would I want to look into past lives?

In the Akashic Records, we can heal past life experiences by energetically rewriting your soul's experiences, creating a ripple effect into the present time in which situations and relationships would then be "rerouted" on a course that better suites your present life and desires. A few healing benefits of a past life reading and healing are:

  • understand and stop experience that cycle – get off the roller coaster (reoccurring relationships, work experiences, coping mechanisms),

  • understand and improve personal relationships,

  • clarity on self-care and so-called self-imposed situations, and

  • tapping into gifts you have to offer in this lifetime.

How do distance appointments work?

Energy has no boundaries so I'm able to access your records with your permission and your full name. The Akashic Record consultation is done through email, Zoom, or phone. 

Example readings coming soon....

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