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Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing Session
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What is Reiki?

Reiki is "universal life force energy." As a practitioner, I am a conduit for this energy. During your Reiki session, I use symbols and sounds to enhance this loving, healing energy. Reiki always works for one's highest good; the energy goes to where it is most needed. A session can balance the chakras, ground your energy, and promote healing and relaxation.


What will I feel during the Reiki session?

Every person is different and every session is different. During a Reiki session you might physically feel heat, cold, tingling, or a rush of energy running through you. You may feel dizzy, relaxed, have heightened senses, or experience a floating sensation. You also might not feel any sensation; however, this doesn't mean the energy isn't flowing. As a practitioner, I will also feel many different sensations during a session, or I might feel nothing. Again, it doesn't mean that the energy isn't flowing. Reiki is a gentle and loving energy, yet the effect can be very powerful.


You might also experience a range of emotions during a session - happy, calm, angry, sad - or you may feel relaxed and fall asleep. The sensations and experiences during a session depend on what is being addressed during the session - what energies are moving through you or are being released.


The immediate effects of this movement of energy lasts for up to three days. For example, if the session released anger, you may feel angry for the next few days. Depending on the session, you might feel sad, sensitive, spacey, happy, joyful, etc. Make sure to drink plenty of water after a session.


How do distance appointments work?

I use symbols to direct the Reiki energy to a client, no matter where the person is physically located. Energy has no boundaries. I would request that the client relax and lie on a bed or couch as if it was an-in person session, but just be sure to take it easy with whatever you're doing during your session. Distance healing is just as powerful as an in-person session. In fact, my first experience receiving a distance Reiki healing is the only time I have fallen asleep during a session! It was incredibly powerful yet incredibly relaxing.

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