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I went to Holly because  I wanted questions answered to a past life relationship to see If in fact I knew this person in a past life because I had such a strong connection to them in this life. Holly answered all my questions and more. She confirmed we had been in a past life she explained both our past and present relationship in great detail and hit the nail right on the head with little to no information given by myself. I would high recommend Holly if you have questions about the past present on future or are struggling with an unknown situation. Her energy is clam and non-judgmental extremely easy to talk to and be open with.

-Amber S., Madison, WI

I have reached out to Holly on numerous occasions seeking out guidance and mental clarity; Typically when I am in the midst of deep internal turmoil. I am always so amazed and grateful at how positive and unburdened I feel after a session. Holly came highly recommended by my sister and friend, which has proved to be one of the best recommendations I have had in my life. I have been utilizing the Akashic Records consultations  when faced with major life decisions, and have just recently had a Reiki session done (I plan on having many more of these in the future). Holly has truly mastered her gift and skill. I consider myself lucky she is sharing her healing abilities with us.  I am always so appreciative (and in Awe) of her wisdom and insight, which has always lead me to feeling so confident, uplifted, and at peace. I will continue to reach out to her in the future anytime I am in need of balance, peace of mind, conflict resolution, or simply for relaxation and a positive energy boost. I just have so much gratitude for all she has helped me through and I have recommended her to everyone I know. 

-Tracy H., Milwaukee, WI

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